LIC Pension Plan Calculator

There are a lot of insurance covers and plans that secure our future in the long run. Of course, it is the fact that we cannot stop anything from happening like life risks, etc., but we can surely secure them and plan a bit so that we don’t have to worry about our future for sure. Likewise, there are a lot of insurance companies and brands all around the world who actually has got various types of insurance plans that would suit every kind of risks and problems in an individual’s life. The LIC is one of the tops and the trending company that is still in the market that actually helps the customers and clients to be safe without any unpredictable life risks or dangers too.

However, when it comes to calculating the LIC pension plan, all we require is the LIC pension plan calculator that will show and review about the plans, benefits and the entire detail of the pension plan within minutes. Of course, you would have to know plenty more when it comes to these pension plans of LIC in detail. Here we have elaborated the pension plan so that you can get the best idea of the LIC pensions and get the right interest with the best maturity amount during the policy maturity.

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What is LIC Pension Plan?

So, we pay a premium and only then the policy or the plan gets actually started. However, the first premium starts off with the policy or the plan that you have chosen though. However, there are still confusions and questions that speaks about the LIC pension plan calculator, so for a better idea, here we have mentioned some detail on the same. LIC pension plan is the sole brand that has the privilege to operate and work on this particular scheme though. Also, there are more of these retirement plans and the pension plans that are under the LIC Corporation of India. The pension plan is all about the survival of the participant or the pensioner in the due period of 10 years policy which keeps the pension in arrears.

However, when the policy period matures, in whichever way it has been chosen it would be payable in the same way to continue though. However, this policy is for people who are in the mid-ages. Of course, no doubt the government has actually brought up new other pension plans and policies that are not only for the senior citizens but also for the young adults who are already working too. Well, there are a lot of pension plans too, that will be just perfect for you to choose one, but it is recommended that you read out the policy before you go on with it.

What is LIC Pension Plan calculator?

Now you have probably known about the LIC pension plan calculator in detail and now you can go up with the LIC pension plan calculator and get ahead with the calculations too, which will review and give out the benefits and maturity plans for your policy too. The calculator works like you have paid the single premium or also known as the purchase price too, that is used to buy the annuity. Once you have paid the premium, the plan or the policy will start and then the LIC will start paying you the split amounts or the regular amounts lifelong. However, you can also receive these amounts on a monthly basis or the quarterly basis too, it depends on your comfort zone or the mode you want. So, when you have purchased the pension plan, as per the present insurance plans and regulations of the government, you can actually withdraw one-third of the accumulated funds so far and of course, the rest of the balanced amount will be used to buy the annuity from LIC Company only.

The annuity can also be bought up in the lump sum value too. So, once you have withdrawn the rest amount will be considered as the regular payment for the rest of your life. Sometimes, you may even get confused with the interest rates and the FD rates as well, so during such questions, you can actually make use of the LIC pension plan calculator and get the right amount for your maturity of the policy or even for the partial withdrawal also. Interest rates keep changing and so you have to choose and plan the policy as per it. You also have got a variety of annuity options which are almost near to 7 annuity choices and each option differs a lot. It varies from life to tenure, and with different benefits too. You can choose accordingly for sure with the LIC Pension plan calculator.


Well, finally you have got to know some in-depth information of the LIC pension plan calculations though. Now you can calculate the premium using LIC pension plan calculator, the maturity amount and surely the other benefits that you will receive too. Using the calculator and deriving the correct funds are very easy, so you can get the right knowledge and some accuracy on the funds too.